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Microwave Meat Tempering System

The microwave meat tempering system is a microwave tunnel oven. It applies microwave energy for penetrably, speedily heating -42℃ to -18℃ frozen products to be with -2℃. After thawing, products are free from any water drop. This food thawing equipment also can serve as the microwave sterilization equipment.

1. Compared to traditional thawing methods, microwave thawing solution offered by this microwave meat tempering system is more efficient. Microwave energy is capable of penetrating into product's inner part for direct heating. With this thawing system, a piece of 25 kg meat can be heated from -15℃ to -4℃ in two minutes.
2. The microwave tempering equipment is developed for the efficient, uniform thawing of those hard to defrost meat. It won't affect the food original taste. Besides that, it comes with sterilization function.
3. It is meticulously manufactured from food grade stainless steel. It is beautiful, elegant, and easy to clean.
4. Non-contact infrared temperature measurement technology, human-machine operation system, and PLC automatic control system are integrated to this stainless steel thawing equipment.
5. The microwave leakage value is ≤1mW/cm2. The national standard value of microwave leakage is ≤5mW/cm2.


Model Type Frequency (MHz) Power Supply Power (kW) Overall Dimensions (L × W × H) (m) Microwave Leakage (mW/cm2)
GTEMV-F-T-80 Tunnel type 915±30 380V, 50 Hz 80 (Adjustable) 16.0 × 1.5 × 1.8 ≤1

Remark: Product operation instruction shall prevail. Specific parameters vary according to your custom requirements.

Our company provides a wide variety of bespoke food thawing solutions to meet clients' actual conditions. We have experimental prototypes, and offer free on-site operation. One-stop technical service is available in accordance with clients' products.

The microwave meat tempering system is perfectly ideal for defrosting deep-frozen fish, poultry products, marine products, fruit juice, jam, and others.

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