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Microwave Puffing System

  • Prawns Drying
  • Puffing and Baking of
    Instant Noodles
  • Microwave Sterilization of
    Vacuum Packed Food 1
  • Microwave Sterilization of
    Vacuum Packed Food 2
  • Puffing of Apple slices
  • Drying and Sterilization of Pepper

Principle of Microwave Puffing
The microwave puffing system makes use of electromagnetic field to make water molecules contained in materials absorb microwave energy. The microwave absorbed results in the rapid vapor temperature rising inside materials. As formation rate of inner vapor is higher than the vapor migration rate, a barometric gradient is developed in the materials that causes significant structural changes. It makes for rapid puffing of materials.

1. Unlike other puffing methods, the microwave puffing system features rapid heating and short food heating time. It won't result in some unnecessary chemical reactions, and the foods will be green foods with no additional grease. It keeps foods in original color, fragrance, and taste. The whole microwave puffing process is environmental with no fumes emission. This food puffing equipment uses physical process to offer higher thermal efficiency and higher output than traditional puffing methods do.
2. It allows for low temperature sterilization and less nutrient loss. Temperature for microwave sterilization is around 80℃ or so, and the sterilizing time is 3 to 5 minutes. Such microwave sterilization system can maximally maintain food nutrition. Take thermal processing of fruits and vegetables as example. The conventional methods only can maintain 46%~50% Vitamin C and 58% Vitamin A. However, microwave sterilizing can maintain 60%~90% Vitamin C and 84% Vitamin A.

The microwave puffing system has found a wide range of applications in food puffing industry, e.g. starchy foods, protein foods, rice made products, pigskin, fish, as well as snack food including chips, prawn slices, apple chips, instant noodles, etc. It is also used as a microwave drier for sesame, melon seeds, peanuts, Chinese chestnut, pistachio nuts, cashew nut, walnuts, almonds, among others.

We have microwave dried fruit baking equipment, instant noodles puffing equipment, food microwave drier, etc.

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