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Microwave Wood Dryer

The microwave wood dryer, a kind of continuous conveyor oven, is ideally suitable for drying numerous kinds of 1.5cm~5cm thick wood products with water content of below 25% to be those ones with water content of 8% or so. Applicable types of wood products are solid wood floor, composite floor, furniture, among others. Our microwave drying machine offers effective solutions to insects killing and those problems occur when drying, such as cracking, deformation, incomplete drying, and the like. The whole microwave drying process lasts for a extremely short time, which is less than 20 minutes.

1. Fast Speed and High Output

The microwave wood dryer is rapid in drying speed. Its application data has proven that, such a wood dryer of 60 KW only needs 10 - 26 minutes to dry 8 - 50mm thick wood product from 35~40% water content to approximately 20%. Different process should be taken for the increase of microwave power. Otherwise, the sharp internal temperature increasing in the wood will give rise to the dramatic pressure surge which is beyond the wood permissible degree. Wood cracking is thereby brought about.

2. Superior Quality
During the conventional drying process, wood deforms or cracks as a result of the non-uniform wood fiber shrinkage after dehydration. Our industrial microwave oven specialized for wood drying adopts selective heating principle, thus contributing to even, thorough wood drying effect without hardened surface. And the wood dried is kept in original shape and color. In case of too large microwave power density, a certain amount of action time is needed during microwave drying, so as to avoid wood cracking that occurs when the internal evaporation pressure exceeds the wood permissible limits.

3. Rapid Deinsectization
Most woodworm eggs implicitly perch in wood materials. If they emerge as adults, your furniture made of the wood materials will be damaged. The microwave wood dryer can use microwave to kill the woodworms and worm eggs when drying wood. It has proven that, it can kill all the woodworms and worm eggs in three minutes through using 2450MHz microwave energy to heat wood to 70~80℃.

4. Uniform Wood Drying
Each part of wood is different in water content. Even after having been dried with traditional methods, the water content of each part is still distinct from each other. Whereas in microwave drying process, the microwave drying comes with strong penetrability and selectivity, thereby allowing for uniform water content of each part, from wood surfaces, ends, and to wood middle parts. The uniform water content minimizes the possibility of cracking and deformation.

When using the microwave wood dryer, recommended microwave frequency is 915Mhz and microwave penetration depth is more than 80mm. Or users can choose a microwave drying machine with microwave frequency of 2450Mhz and microwave penetration depth greater than 80mm. 2450Mhzmicrowave dryer is applicable for general finished wood products.

To obtain the optimal benefits, please choose a optimal microwave continuous dryer according to the output, drying requirement, and wood type.

The microwave wood dryer is suitable for the drying, mildew proofing, and deinsectization in wood industries. It can be applied as furniture dryer, furniture insect extermination equipment, floor board dryer, and so forth.

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