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Microwave Chemical Material Dryer

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The microwave chemical material dryer is a continuous heater that not only can help save energy, but also can complete several processes in one time. It has a wide application for the dehydration, extraction, decomposition, and catalyzing of powdery, muddy, granular, or crystal materials. Masses of applicable chemical materials are composed of chemical mines, fine chemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, chemical fertilizer, high-molecular polymer, catalyst, additive chemicals, adhesives, new energy materials, rubber products, chemical reagent, etc.

Microwave application in chemical industry varies according to different materials. Our microwave chemical material dryer can solve many difficult problems that couldn't be handled by traditional crafts.

For instance, our company in 2007 designed a molecular sieve dryer for a client from the chemical industry.
a. Problem: The client originally used electrical heating to dry a sort of fluid materials with water content of at least 70%. This electrical heating technology consumed up to 240kwh power for drying 100Kg fluid materials. In addition to poor operation environment, the whole production process is labor-intensive and time-consuming. After each operation, 4-5 hours were needed for cooling, washing the conveyor belt with a huge amount of water.
b. Solution: The microwave dryer designed by us has decreased the power consumption down to 90kwh. It uses circulating water for cooling, so that aqueous waste is avoided. The drying time is 1 to 1.5 hours. Since the chemical products dryer is automatically controlled, labor intensity is greatly reduced. Cost for drying is thereby cut down by more than 60%.

The microwave chemical material dryer is applicable to many chemical materials. Detailed chemical list consists of silicon dioxide, activated carbon, coating, dye, inorganic or organic pigments, food additives, feed additives, petroleum additive, chemical fertilizer, PTC heat sensitive ceramic parts, fine ceramics, fiberglass, cellulose, rubber products, lithium hydrate, lithium carbonate, cobalt oxalate, nickel hydroxide, lithium cobalt oxide, graphite, silicon carbide, copper oxide, zirconium hydroxide, catalyst, reagent, rare earth chemicals, functional polymers, biochemicals, organic electronic materials, etc.

Various types of equipment are optional, for instance, microwave chemical products dryer, microwave chemical fertilizer dryer, microwave minerals dryer, among others

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