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Microwave Powder Dryer

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In the food and drug industries, powder sterilization is always a thorny issue, especially the sterilization of powdery nourishment and heat sensitive items. Based on the principles of microwave selective heating and electromagnetic field, our microwave powder dryer offers an effective drying and sterilization solution. Neither waste water nor waste gas will be discharged. Definitely, the microwave drying machine is also a microwave sterilizer that can realize environmental production.

We have microwave powdery chemicals dryer, microwave powdery food dryer, microwave powdery drug dryer, etc.

Traditional methods for powder products sterilization incorporate cobalt 60 irradiation, high-pressure steam sterilization, vacuum freeze drying, and so forth. Cobalt 60 irradiation has the shortcomings including high cost, long drying time, and radioactive residues. High-pressure steam sterilization utilizes high temperature to dry powder drugs or food for a long time. This long-time high temperature drying method may weaken the drug efficacy or lead to the loss of food nutrients. Additionally, it requires large investment, because of the configuration such as boilers that will pollute the environment. Though the vacuum freeze drying is environmental, it comes with low efficiency and huge energy consumption.

The microwave powder dryer has been proven that it is completely different from those traditional methods. It enjoys various advantages, for instance, short processing period, good finished powder quality, lower temperature sterilization, nutritional ingredient maintenance, etc. Its application will surely improve the output and save electricity to a great extent. Microwave drying has now become the main method for powder sterilization.

The microwave powder dryer is widely used for the drying and sterilization applications in food and chemical industries.

1. Food Industry
a. Seasoning: Chicken powder, monosodium glutamate, vegetable powder, flour, starch, chilli powder, ground pepper, etc.
b. Nutrition Powder: Protein powder, defatted soybean powder, soybean milk powder, pearl powder, rice flour, oatmeal, black sesame powder, flower powder, lotus root starch, etc.

2. Chemical Industry
Cobalt oxalate, lithium hydroxide, nickel hydroxide, mannitol, ammonium paratungstate, lithium cobalt oxides, barium carbonate, strontium carbonate, etc.

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