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Microwave Paper Products Dryer

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The microwave paper products dryer is the modern highly sophisticated production equipment which utilizes microwave heating rather than traditional heat transmission methods. This microwave dryer needs neither preheating nor heat transfer, since it directly, simultaneously heats paper board inside and outside. The special heating method guarantees uniform heating, putting an end to the coking phenomenon.

The microwave paper products dryer is a continuous dryer for continuous production. It can be easily operated just by one person, which is really labor-saving.
1. Due to the high bonding strength, this microwave paper drying equipment has been greatly enhanced in water and compression resistance.
2. The microwave drying is fast and uniform. Those paper products, after drying, will be kept in original shape with less deformation.
3. This continuous dryer also has sterilization function, which makes the paperboard come with perfect mildew resistance and long storage life after drying.
4. As compared with infrared drying, the microwave drying shortens the drying time by two thirds and cuts down energy consumption by one third.
5. Our microwave paper products dryer takes up only a small space, and needs less labor power. It is environmental without noise or pollution generation.
6. Different from traditional drying methods, it allows for 100% yield of finished paper products.

This microwave dryer is extraordinarily suitable for the speed drying and mildew prevention of paper products including paper crafts, kraft bag, corrugated board, honeycomb paperboard, paper tube, environmental paper bowl, paper box, etc.

Numerous types of equipment are available for different applications. We provide paperboard dryer, kraft bag dryer, corrugated board, paper box dryer, etc.

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