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Microwave Tobacco Dryer

Microwave tobacco dryer features short heating time, uniform heating, accurate temperature control and low power consumption. It can be applied in each process of tobacco processing, suitable for both the traditional and new tobacco products, such as the new HNB (Heat Not Burn) e-cigarette produced by Malboro.

1. Tobacco stems expansion solution
By using microwave tobacco dryer, the tobacco stem, after being soaked into the water, can make itself absorbed in water fully, which helps to make tobacco stems softer and more flexible, it can also effectively solve the problems concerning great damage on tobacco stems and poor processing properties of tobacco stems caused by unsatisfactory pre-treatment, which is not available in the traditional way however.

2. Heating tobacco bale solution
Microwave tobacco dryer can used directly to heat the tobacco bale available in 200kg. The microwave tobacco dryer drives the tobacco bale to move to and fro inside the dryer under a low power density, bringing the tobacco bale with more even temperature and making the softening and viscosity drop of tobacco leaf consistent with each other. Finally, the tobacco can be fully dispersed after a dampening on the roller.
Microwave heating of the tobacco bale is different from that of the complex model of traditional ways, which requires no tobacco slicing and avoids much tobacco scraps caused by tobacco slicing, reducing tobacco surface cooling and tobacco scraps resulted from water loss and brittleness of tobacco.
What’s more, the microwave tobacco dryer features insecticidal sterilization, in which, no special heat preservation equipment is required.

3. Tobacco re-baking solution
The microwave tobacco dryer is available in tobacco re-baking to make the tobacco meet the drying requirements. Compared with the traditional drying, tobacco re-baking by microwave dryer has a series of advantages, including greater heating areas, more uniform water in the dried tobacco leaf, the tobacco leaf being less likely to curl in the drying process, besides, the tobacco will feature stronger aroma and better taste.

4. New tobacco products solution
The microwave tobacco dryer is also suitable for new tobacco products, such as the new e-cigarette made by HNB (Heat Not Burn), which also uses part of the paper wrapping process. If applying our microwave tobacco dryer, both of the cigarette quality and productivity will be greatly improved.

Batching (sizing agent)-flow casting (preliminary shape)-Drying with a microwave dryer (quick drying and forming)-cigarette rolling and packaging

Rolling paper size: 800cm
Processing capacity: 60m/mins
Temperature: be able to lower than 40℃
Moisture content of paper before processing: :95%
Moisture content of paper after the processing: 5%
(We can customize all the following specifications according to specific needs of customers.)

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