1. Microwave Puffing System

      It allows for low temperature sterilization and less nutrient loss. Temperature for microwave sterilization is around 80℃ or so, and the sterilizing time is 3 to 5 minutes.

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    1. Microwave Wood DryerOur microwave drying machine offers effective solutions to insects killing and those problems occur when drying, such as cracking, deformation, incomplete drying, and the like.
    1. Microwave Chemical Material DryerMasses of applicable chemical materials are composed of chemical mines, fine chemicals, organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, chemical fertilizer, high-molecular polymer, catalyst, additive chemicals, adhesives, new energy materials, rubber products, chemical reagent, etc.
    1. Microwave Powder Dryer

      It enjoys various advantages, for instance, short processing period, good finished powder quality, lower temperature sterilization, nutritional ingredient maintenance, etc.

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    1. Microwave Paper Products DryerThis microwave dryer needs neither preheating nor heat transfer, since it directly, simultaneously heats paper board inside and outside. The special heating method guarantees uniform heating, putting an end to the coking phenomenon.
    1. Microwave Pharmaceutical Dryer

      It is chiefly used to the drying and sterilization of pills, tablets, powder medicine, drug particles, oral liquid, or others. Microwave treated pharmaceutical is convenient in storage.

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    1. Microwave Tobacco Dryer

      Microwave tobacco dryer features short heating time, uniform heating, accurate temperature control and low power consumption. It can be applied in each process of tobacco processing, suitable for both the traditional and new tobacco products, such as the new HNB (Heat Not Burn) e-cigarette produced by Malboro.

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Continuous Conveyor Oven

The continuous conveyor oven is also referred as continuous dryer or continuous heater. Unlike industrial oven, it is a type of tunnel oven that allows for continuous production. It is known that an electric tunnel oven heats or dries materials directly by using electricity to generate heat. Differently, our continuous conveyor oven makes full use of microwave. It is constituted by the microwave heating cabinet, microwave generator, infrared temperature measurement system, materials conveying system, ventilation and cooling system, operational control unit, support, and the like.

Main Parameters
1. Input Power: Three-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
2. Microwave Frequency: 2450MHz±50Hz
3. Microwave Output Power: 1KW ~ 400KW(Adjustable)
4. Working Environment
Temperature: -5 ~ 50℃; Relative Humidity: ≤80%
5. Overall Dimension: 1 m2 ~ 200 m2
6. Conveyor Belt: Chain belt
7. Transmission Method and Speed: Frequency control (0.5 ~ 5m/min)
8. Control Method: Independent PLC control
9. Microwave Leakage: Accord with GB 10436-1989 Hygienic Standard for Microwave Radiation in the Work Environment.
10. Electric Safety: Accord with GB 5226.1-2002 standard