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Microwave Vacuum Dryer

The microwave vacuum dryer is developed to deal with the problem, that heat sensitive materials may undergo deterioration caused by high temperate when microwave drying. It has successfully overcome the challenges, including heating temperature difference between materials spreading layers, non-contact temperature measurement in microwave field, and so on.

It is a vacuum oven that uses microwave energy to dry materials in a low temperature state. This specially designed microwave vacuum oven can better maintain the original characteristics of materials. It has the same features as those of other microwave dryers.

1. Rather than heat transfer medium, the microwave vacuum dryer utilizes radiation for heat transferring, which contributes to the great shortening of drying cycle. Its working efficiency is at least 4 times more than that of conventional drying technologies.
2. Compared with conventional methods, it processes product to be with superior quality. It can significantly prolong the product shelf life, that's because it possesses the disinfection and sterilization functions.

Take wood drying as example. Place wood into the vacuum tank of microwave vacuum dryer. Then the wood will be dried in a certain vacuum state. The special heating method allows wood to be dried in a low temperature ranging from 40℃ to 60℃, decreasing the possibilities of discoloration, deformation, and cracking of wood materials. Our special microwave vacuum oven has fast drying rate. Especially when it is applied for the drying of decorative broadleaved sawn timber as well as converted timber with large cross section, the drying time is shortened by several times as compared to the hot air drying time.

The microwave vacuum dryer is applied to high value-added and heat sensitive agricultural byproducts, valuable timber, rosewood, sea cucumber, conpoy, flowers, healthy care products, medicinal materials, fruits and vegetables, chemical materials, etc.

It is applicable for the cryoconcentration and crystal water removal of chemical products. You can use it to dry enzymic preparations. Another use is vacuum extraction for Chinese herbal medicine. The microwave vacuum oven is also widely used in laboratories of academic institutions. It has significant advantages in food shelf life prolonging, original flavour and nutritional ingredients maintaining of food, physiological activity retaining of raw materials, functionality enhancement of healthy products, and added value improvement of agricultural byproducts.

We have heat sensitive materials dryer, agricultural byproducts dryer, fruits and vegetables dryer, microwave wood vacuum drying equipment, etc.

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