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Microwave Ceramic Sintering Furnace

  • High Temperature Sintering
  • High Temperature Sintering
  • High Temperature Sintering

Ceramic drying counts for much in the ceramic production. Most quality defects of ceramic products are caused by improper drying. Till now, the drying methods incorporate continuous heat drying, far infrared drying, solar energy drying, and microwave drying.

The microwave ceramic sintering furnace is a batch oven that applies microwave energy to penetrate into materials interior, leading to the rapid temperature rising in the materials. Once the internal temperature reaches the ignition point, combustion synthesis of materials will be triggered. Because the sintering wave spreads radially from inside to outside, the materials will be uniformly heated to finally complete the sintering reaction. Inside the materials, microwave-assisted spark ignition generates smaller temperature gradient than the traditional ignition method does. Microwave radiation can heat tantalum to 1300-2000℃ for high temperature ceramic sintering.

Wavelane microwave sintering furnace is widely suitable for the drying, curing, thermal decomposition, calcination, roasting, synthesis, sintering, and heat treatment of a wide variety of materials. Its microwave sintering technology is different from the traditional sintering technologies. For instance, the combustion wave spreading can be manually controlled via adjusting a series of parameters, according to the ceramic products requirements.

1. Ceramic products dried by this microwave ceramic sintering furnace has good shape without cracking. The bubble size is uniform.
2. The batch oven is a labor-saving microwave furnace that is easily controlled and operated. It is suitable for products of different materials, because of its adjustable output power.
3. It offers high output with less time and less energy consumption. It has been proven that the microwave drying time is one fifth of infrared drying time and the energy consumption is two thirds of energy consumed by infrared drying.
4. It permits clean, pollution-free production. It won't produce any waste. The microwave sintering oven has anti-corrosion exhaust passage used to speedily discharge the gas generated in the heating process.
5. The microwave ceramic sintering furnace adopts high precision infrared thermometer to directly measure temperature of samples. Its real-time temperature profile display realizes the dynamic monitoring of heating process.
6. An embedded microcomputer control system is configured. It offers three operation modes that can be freely switched, i.e. manual operation, automatic operation, and constant temperature operation.
7. Various exclusively developed crucibles are optional. They won't pollute materials.

The microwave ceramic sintering furnace is perfectly ideal for:
1. Drying, thermal decomposition, roasting, calcination, and sintering of minerals;
2. Carbothermic reduction of metal oxides or desulfuration of metal sulfides;
3. Drying or sintering of electric porcelain, domestic ceramic, and building sanitary ceramics
4. Drying or sintering of molecular sieve catalytic materials and chemical materials;
5. Drying, synthesis, and sintering of electronic ceramics;
6. Drying or sintering of anode and cathode materials used to lithium ion battery;
7. Roasting, calcination, and synthesis of hydroxides, inorganic salt, metallic oxides, carbides, and nitrides;
8. Drying and sintering of honeycomb ceramics;
9. Sintering and decoration firing of glass ware;
10. Drying and synthesis of rare earth luminescent material;
11. Drying and calcination of pyrophyllite mould;
12. Reduction roasting of synthetic diamond.

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