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Microwave Dental Ceramic Sintering Furnace

The microwave dental ceramic sintering furnace, also known as muffle furnace, is Wavelane's newly launched microwave furnace dedicated for sintering biological ceramics, e.g. aluminium oxide, zirconia, and the like. Different from the conventional electric furnace, it allows for sintering temperature decreasing, uniform and rapid sintering speed, short sintering period, as well as electricity conservation. The sintered false tooth is high in density, and will never deform or crack.

1. The microwave dental ceramic sintering furnace adopts specially-made industrial level microwave source to guarantee the long-time, continuous operation.
2. Its microwave output power is stepless adjustable for realizing accurate temperature control curve.
3. The ultrafast temperature rising can substantially shorten the soaking time and double the sintering efficiency.
4. Wide furnace chamber design enables the microwave furnace to sinter several sets of teeth in one operation.
5. Numerous exclusive crucibles are available. All of them are specially designed, and can be used for a long time.
6. Our microwave sintering furnace uses the humanization design and touch screen operation mode. It is configured with windows operation system. With USB interface, an external PC can be connected.
7. It can set and store multiple temperature control curves. Two operation modes as manual type and automatic type can be freely switched.
8. A display is installed for monitoring real-time temperature curve during the heating process.
9. The microwave furnace has an imported high-precision infrared thermometer which is utilized to directly measure tooth temperature.
10. It comes with safe, reliable microwave design that prevents microwave leakage.

The microwave dental ceramic sintering furnace is used for rapid firing of all sorts of ceramic teeth. It comes with zirconia ceramic sintering furnace, aluminium oxide parts sintering furnace, biological ceramic sintering furnace, false tooth sintering furnace, etc.


Maximum Working Temperature 1600℃
Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1%
Minimum Loading Space (Depth*Width*Height) 80×80×30(mm)
Output Power (KW) 0.2-1.10 continuously adjustable
Rated Power (KW) 3
Temperature Measurement Method Infrared temperature measurement
Control Method Touch screen
Process Curve Setting Ok
External Printing Device Ok
Cooling Method Air cooling
Occupation 0.8m2

Case A Dental Ceramic Sintering Factory Located in Beijing

Item Electric muffle furnace Microwave muffle furnace Remark
Performance General Good Performance of microwave sintered products reach the international level
Sintering Period 10 hours 2.5 hours Production efficiency is tripled.
Power Consumption (Kw / Kg) Saving at least 50% energy
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