1. Microwave Vacuum Dryer

      This specially designed microwave vacuum oven can better maintain the original characteristics of materials. It has the same features as those of other microwave dryers.

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    1. Microwave Ceramic Sintering Furnace

      The microwave ceramic sintering furnace is a batch oven that applies microwave energy to penetrate into materials interior, leading to the rapid temperature rising in the materials.

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    1. Microwave High Temperature Furnace

      The microwave high temperature furnace is a new generation standard high-temperature experimental station integrated with the functions of muffle furnace and ashing furnace.

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Batch Oven

The batch oven, also known as vacuum dryer, chamber oven, or batch dryer, usually serves as an industrial microwave oven. Aside from the microwave heating cabinet, microwave generator, and infrared temperature measurement system, it also incorporates other parts including materials conveying system, ventilation and cooling system, operational control unit, support, etc. This microwave dryer has sterilization function.

Main Parameters
1. Input Power: Three-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
2. Microwave Frequency: 2450MHz±50Hz
3. Microwave Output Power: 1KW ~ 400KW(Adjustable)
4. Working Environment
Temperature: -5 ~ 50℃; Relative Humidity: ≤80%
5. Overall Dimension: 1 m2 ~ 10 m2
6. Conveyor Belt: Rotary plate or cart
7. Transmission Method and Speed: Frequency control (0.5 ~ 5m/min)
8. Control Method: Independent PLC control
9. Microwave Leakage: Accord with GB 10436-1989 Hygienic Standard for Microwave Radiation in the Work Environment.
10. Electric Safety: Accord with GB 5226.1-2002 standard