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Microwave Liquid Heater

  • Experimental Oven for
    Microwave-assisted Extraction
  • Liquid Cabinet
  • Liquid Oven

  • Liquid Microwave Sterilization
  • Liquid Experimental Microwave

The microwave liquid heater is perfectly suitable for serum processing in the pharmaceutical industry, liquidation of high viscosity product including oil, epoxy resin, etc., as well as pasteurization and sterilization applications for a variety of liquid food and medicines. Liquid or viscous product that needs processing is pumped into the microwave cavity pipe at a stable flow rate. Then it will be microwave processed.

We have liquid food heater, medicine dryer, medicine drying and sterilization equipment, etc.

1. The microwave liquid heater comes with rapid temperature rising and extremely fast response control. Temperature stops rising as soon as the heating equipment is switched off.
2. It heats product directly, efficiently. The product will be evenly heated throughout. There will be no temperature difference between inside and outside of the product.
3. This industrial oven allows for accurate heating, thus ensuring product quality. It also serves as industrial microwave sterilizer.

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