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Heat Pump Fruit Dryer

The heat pump fruit dryer is the high-temperature drying equipment extensively used in the fruit processing industry. Users can apply it for the further processing of raisin, litchi, longan, persimmon, kelp, apple slice, kiwi fruit, dried scallop, dried fish, rose, chrysanthemum, among others.

This equipment comes with a wide varieties. There are heat pump raisin dryer, kiwi fruit dryer, longan dryer, chrysanthemum dryer, and so on.

1. The heat pump fruit dryer keeps dried food in original color, appearance, and flavor. It won't result in the loss of fruit active ingredients. Preserved fruit can be well protected while drying.
2. It is energy-saving. One 4.5kW heat pump dryer consumes 2.0×103 - 2.5×103 kJ/kg. Compared with hot air drying, it saves energy up to 144×108kJ under the same working hours of 20h/d×200d/y.
3. This exceptional fruit drying machine can be easily operated, and won't pollute the environment.
4. It comes with high energy efficiency ratio. Its energy consumption is only one forth to one third of that of general electric or oil-fired boiler.

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