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Heat Pump Seafood Dryer

1. The heat pump seafood dryer well protects seafood during the drying process. After drying, the seafood still remains its original quality, color, shape, and effective ingredients.
2. It offers obvious energy-saving effect. On average, a 4.5kW heat pump drying machine consumes 2.0×103 - 2.5×103 kJ/kg. In stark contrast to general hot air drying, it saves energy up to 144×108kJ under the same working hours of 20h/d×200d/y.
3. Our seafood drying machine is environmental and easy in operation. It makes use of hot air for drying, which won't change the food ingredients.
4. Its energy efficiency ratio is extremely high. The energy consumption is only one forth to one third of that of general electric or oil-fired boiler.
5. This heat pump dryer is the hot air drying equipment available with many types. We have heat pump cuttlefish dryer, fish dryer, scallops dryer, etc.

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