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Heat Pump Sausage Dryer

The heat pump sausage dryer is a meat dryer that has three drying phases.

1. Constant Drying Process
This phase lasts for 5 to 6 hours. Within 2 hours after sausage has been placed in the drying room, the temperature speedily rises to 60 - 65℃. No moisture removal is needed. The constant drying process, also called preheating phase, is mainly for fermentation, which is beneficial for preventing meat from going bad. Some heating time later, adjust the temperature down to 45 - 50℃. The humidity should be controlled among 50% to 55%.

2. Slow Drying Process
The second process is designed for color development and contraction shaping. It lasts for 3 to 4 hours with the temperature controlled among 52 - 54℃ and humidity of around 45%. In this stage, the sausage changes color from light red to bright red. Casings for sausages start to shrink. You need to mind the occurrence of hard casing. Alternate cooling and heating can be used for better drying effect.

3. Rapid Drying Process
Main restriction factor is temperature. To strengthen the drying speed, temperature should be 60 - 62℃, while the drying time is controlled between 10 hours to 12 hours. 38% relative humidity is required. Humidity for final sausage drying is controlled below 17%.

1. Our heat pump sausage dryer can effectively ensure the quality and properties of the dried materials.
2. In the drying process, temperature distribution is uniform. Humidity can be automatically controlled.
3. The drying process is safe and reliable, as the heat pump dryer won't cause any risk to humans.
4. Energy-effective as it is, the sausage drying machine is effectively decreased in operation cost.
5. It is an universal heat pump meat dryer. It has a high utilization rate while decreasing the investment cost.

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