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Heat Pump Incense Dryer

  • Incense Sticks Drying
  • Mosquito-repellent Incense Drying

High drying requirements are needed for quality incense sticks or mosquito-repellent incense manufacturing. Traditional incense drying method requires a huge tract of land to build shelters, on which incenses will be placed for sun drying. It doesn't work on rainy days. Incenses, if not dried on time, will go mouldy and get loose. So to speak, advanced baking process is quite essential for the mass production of incenses. Our heat pump incense dryer is designed to offer the effective solution.

The heat pump dryer dries incense sticks or mosquito-repellent incenses at a medium or low temperature. Heat pump dried incenses are uniform in color, pleasant in aroma.

Conditions of Heat Pump Drying Process
1. Initial Stage
Temperature: 45℃; Humidity: 60%; Drying time: 5 to 6 hours
2. Second Stage
Temperature: 50℃; Drying time: 3 hours
3. Final Stage
Temperature: 55℃. Don't adjust the humidity.

Working Principle
Our heat pump incense dryer is a late-model energy efficient heat pump incense sticks dryer or mosquito-repellent incense dryer that works based on the principle of reverse carnot cycle. Just with a small amount of electric energy, it uses a compressor to convey the working medium to an evaporator via a expansion valve. Inside the evaporator, the working medium will be gasified and absorb a large amount of thermal energy from air. Gaseous working medium, after having been compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, enters into a condenser to give out heat for heating drying medium. Such continuous heat cycling can heat the drying medium to 40 - 85℃. In contrast to the electric dryer, our incense dryer saves two thirds electric energy.

1. The heat pump incense dryer is easy to install and dismantle. As it occupies a small space, it can be both indoor and outdoor installed.
2. It absorbs a huge amount of heat from air, by consuming only a small amount of electric energy. It consumes electric electricity three fourths less than the electric heat does. Approximately 60% operational cost can be saved as compared to the dryer powered by coal, oil, or fuel gas.
3. As the environmentally friendly equipment, it is pollution-free and doesn't have any combustible substances or emissions. The whole system is a safe, reliable semi-enclosed drying system. There will be no potential risks such as fire, explosion, poisoning, short circuit, etc.
4. It features long service life and low maintenance rate. It has a high degree of automation. This heat pump incense dryer adopts an automatic thermostatic apparatus, allowing for 24-hour continuous operation.

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