1. Heat Pump Fruit DryerUsers can apply it for the further processing of raisin, litchi, longan, persimmon, kelp, apple slice, kiwi fruit, dried scallop, dried fish, rose, chrysanthemum, among others.
    1. Heat Pump Seafood DryerIt offers obvious energy-saving effect. On average, a 4.5kW heat pump drying machine consumes 2.0×103 - 2.5×103 kJ/kg. In stark contrast to general hot air drying, it saves energy up to 144×108kJ under the same working hours of 20h/d×200d/y.
    1. Heat Pump Sausage Dryer In the drying process, temperature distribution is uniform. Humidity can be automatically controlled.
      The drying process is safe and reliable, as the heat pump dryer won't cause any risk to humans.
    1. Heat Pump Incense DryerIt features long service life and low maintenance rate. It has a high degree of automation. This heat pump incense dryer adopts an automatic thermostatic apparatus, allowing for 24-hour continuous operation.

Heat Pump Dryer

The heat pump dryer works based on the thermal cycle principle of refrigeration circulating system. It removes moisture of humid air in the drying chamber, and collects the condenser released heat for heating the air. Researches have shown that this heat pump drying machine saves 20%-50% energy while ensuring good drying quality. The drying process is safe, pollution-free, and won't cause fire danger. Our energy-saving drying technology has been well accepted in the areas including wood drying, food drying, agricultural byproduct processing, etc.

The heat pump dryer has numerous types, e.g. heat pump wood dryer, heat pump food dryer, heat pump cassava sheet dryer, heat pump mushroom dryer, etc. It is mainly used to the following areas.

1. Agricultural Byproduct Processing
The heat pump dryer can dry the highly demanded agricultural byproducts, e.g. mushroom, onion, ginger slice, garlic, cassava, radish, etc. Drying experiments shows that products produced by the heat pump drying technology feature superior quality and good color. The heat pump agricultural byproducts dryer is not sensitive to environmental climate.

2. Wood Drying
Heat pump technology for wood drying was firstly applied in Europe in 1960s. Till 1980, its use was spread to America, Italy, England, France, Canada, Japan, and other countries. The application is still spreading worldwide.

3. Food Drying
Heat pump technology for food drying is originally used in America in 1950s. It has been proven that the 2063KJ energy will be averagely consumed to remove 1kg water from cereals. The dryer is ideally suitable for the drying of all kinds of seed. The seed dried by this special food dryer has higher germination rate than sun-baked ones.