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Smart Toilet

The smart toilet is completely designed and manufactured by us, and it can be tailored according to customer’s requirements.

Innovative Technology
Our flushing smart toilet is a combination of seven innovative techniques, so it has some outstanding features.
1. Standard component in the industry
2. Instant heating of 900cc water
3. 2.4G remote control technology: First in the world
4. Air isolation technique to avoid backflow of waste water: Conforms to the national standard
5. Eco-friendly and energy saving: Compliant with RoHS standard
6. Anion technology for deodorization
7. Unique foot control for intelligent operation

Perspective Drawing
  • 1. Instant Heater
  • 2. Electromagnetic
    Relief Valve
  • 3. Water Distribution
  • 4. Cleaner

  • 5. PCB Control
  • 6. Automatic
  • 7. Dryer
Production Workshop
  • Split-type Smart Toilet
  • Integrated Smart Toilet
  • Smart Toilet without
    Water Tank
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