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Smart Bracelet

We are an consumer electronics OEM and ODM service provider. You can completely entrust us to design and produce the smart bracelets. In addition, our company can also make custom intelligent bracelets based on your requirements on the appearance and functions of the products.

Types of Smart Bracelets
1. Bracelet for monitoring the health condition of women
2. Bracelet for outdoor sportsmen
3. Smart watch for fishing lovers
4. Smart watch for Muslim pilgrims

Main functions
1. Sports Data Recording Function: The smart bracelets for outdoor sportsmen can achieve the recording functions of step number, mileage, calorie, target step number, etc.
2. Monitoring Function: Air pressure, sleep quality and women menstrual cycle are able to be monitored by our products.
3. Reminding Function: Women health monitoring bracelet can remind the time for drinking water or stopping sitting. Smart watch for Muslim pilgrims has automatic prayer time reminding function and automatic Mecca location directing function. The outdoor athletic bracelets may be designed with target step number reminding function.
4. Calendar Display Function: Both Gregorian calendar and Islamic calendar can be displayed on the smart watch for Muslim pilgrims.
5. Data Transmission Functions: All the data in the smart bracelets are allowed to be shared on social networks.
6. APP Function: Our products support multi-language APP and are able to achieve real-time synchronization with the APP.
7. G-Sensor Inspection Function: G-Sensors may be fitted to our smart bracelets.

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