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Infrared Touchscreen

As a company offering OEM and ODM services, we can design and produce the infrared touchscreens all by ourselves or make them based on your specific requirements.

The infrared touchscreen we make features stable performance, long service life and easy installation and maintenance. It is becoming more and more popular and is widely used in governmental organizations, tourist areas, television stations, museums, exhibition rooms, hotels, entertainment venues, research institutes, wedding photography studios, shopping malls, supermarkets, meeting rooms and other places.

No matter what information you want to present, our infrared touchscreen will be a good helper for you. This product can display your product or your 3D product model in a direct, clear and lively way.

Size: 32, 42, 46, 47, 50, 52, 55, 65, 72, 85, 92, 103 inches
Touch points: 6, 10, 12, 16
Resolution: 4096×4096
Linear error: 1mm
Supporting protocol: WIN7 protocol, TUIO protocol, custom protocol
Minimal touch medium diameter: 3mm
Response time: 6ms~15ms
Light transmittance: Maximum 100% (no glass); 92% (AR glass); 90% (tempered glass)
Temperature range: Operating temperature: 0°C ~60°C; Storage temperature: -40°C~85°C
Relative humidity: Operating humidity: 10%~90%RH, no condensation;
Storage humidity: 10%~90%RH, no condensation
Light resistance: 360° ambient light resistance
Operating voltage: Typical value: +5VDC; Permissible range: +4.75V~+5.25V
Power supply mode: USB
Power consumption: 1W~5W
Input method: Finger, special pen or other opaque touch sensitive medium
Touch times: Unlimited
Noise: Noiseless
Touch screen activation force: Not needed
Safety: Different grades of tempered glass can be fitted to the infrared touchscreen to increase operating safety.
Surface durability: The surface hardness of our touch screen is the same as that of glass, which is Vickers hardness 5.0-7.0GN/m2.
Surface treatment: The aluminum alloy housing of our product is treated with black oxide finish.

1. Our infrared touchscreen adapts to mainstream operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Andriod and Linux. It can work with the above operating systems (except for Linux) dispensing the need for driving.
2. Accurate multi-touch technology is used in our infrared touch screens. The touch screens which do not need driving support 10-point contact maximum and the touch screens which need driving support 2~64-point contact. The function of designed-area touching is also available for our products.
3. The infrared touchscreen allows multiple persons to operate on it simultaneously.
4. Double mixing matrix gives our infrared multi-touch screen a high error-tolerant rate.
5. Multiple touch frames are allowed to be spliced together vertically or horizontally.
6. Under the expansion mode, several infrared touch frames can be bound with displays to achieve screen content switches.
7. The built-in tool software has hardware diagnosis function and is able to find out the reasons quickly if a hardware failure happens.
8. The infrared touchscreens are available in custom sizes ranging from 32 to 200 inches. They can still work well even exposed to sunlight. Infrared touch screens with light resistance as good as aeronautical products can be customized.
9. All the infrared touch panels we produce are free of lead and pass the burn-in test to guarantee their good performance.
10. Our company has the capacity to conduct mass production of IR touch screens and is able to offer efficient infrared touchscreen customization service.
11. The basic algorithm for infrared multi-touch technology we possess has got the national patent.

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