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Microwave Driven Sulfur Lamp

  • Microwave plasma lamp (sulfur plasma lamp)
  • Light Source

1. Microwave plasma lamp has high lighting efficiency which can reach 100Lm/W, its light decay is less than 3% after working 100,000 hours, the luminous flux maintenance rate is high.
2. No mercury pollution, no ultraviolet radiation, it is an environmental protection product.
3. With continuous spectral output, high color rendering index, better light comfort, the sulfur plasma lamp is the artificial light most close to solar spectrum.
4. There is no electrode inside of our product, so its service life is longer

Our company is specialized in the R & D and production of electronic products, we have developed the switch-mode power supply (SMPS) used for magnetron, the mean time between failures (MTBF) is 50,000 hours, so that it ensures its service life is more than 20,000 hours.

The microwave plasma lamp as a new concept of the light source, it represents the latest scientific and technological achievements of the world lighting engineering and light source technology. It has light emitting properties of gas thermal light source, so its spectral distribution is very close to the solar spectrum. Thereby, the lighting effect, spectral distribution and color rendering of the microwave plasma lamp are much better than the traditional light source, such as incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, dysprosium lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, electrodeless lamp, metal halide lamp, etc.

1. Outdoor Lighting (High Pole Lighting)
Dock, building tower, sports square, large factories (such as shipyard, machinery factory, automobile manufacturing plant, especially aircraft manufacturing plant, aircraft maintenance factory, etc.); port dock; railroad yard, airport, highway, especially remote search and rescue by ship, remote lighting, because of the microwave plasma lamp light source is relatively small, lamps and lanterns are easy to light.

2. Photographic Lamp (Indoor Lighting)
The visible spectrum of microwave plasma lamp is very close to the sun light, but the ultraviolet and infrared content in it is very little, so it is an irreplaceable lighting product used for the special occasions such as photo studio, film studio and so on.

3. Greenhouse Light (Supplementary Lighting)
Features of continuous spectrum, high efficiency, and low energy consumption, the sulfur plasma lamp is known as the artificial sun, it is an ideal light source for supplementary lighting, especially in seedling breeding, etc.

The use of several artificial lights will increase the crop yield and lower the crop growing time.
1. Uses artificial light to improve the illumination intensity and photosynthetic active radiation, enhance the photosynthesis, so as to improve the yield and quality of greenhouse crops.
2. Uses artificial light to adjust illumination time, and extend the crop's daily growth time.
3. Uses artificial light to provide the different light illumination for plant growth. This way is mainly used in artificial controlled agricultural production base, such as breeding, and indoor cultivation of high-grade flowers.

The microwave plasma lamp, sodium lamp, metal halide lamp, and fluorescent lamp will affect the growth and development of plants, here shows the comparison of spectral radiation, the microwave plasma lighting is the ideal lighting source for promoting the plant growth and natural growth.

Here is the comparison of crop growth at the same temperature and humidity conditions, by using different light source and same growth time.

The microwave plasma lamp can be used in the large area of indoor lighting when it is working with the light tube, it is an ideal light source for promotion and implementation of green lighting project.

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