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Microwave UV Equipment for Industrial Gas Treatment

The microwave and ultraviolet featured microwave UV equipment for industrial gas treatment is designed for high efficient treatment of industrial, achieving zero-emission in areas covering odor of animal husbandry, waste gas from pharmaceutical, chemical and printing plants, as well as the odor from household waste, waste water, sewage sludge etc.

  • Industrial gas treatment device
  • Industrial gas treatment equipment
    (in operation)
  • Integrated solution
    for industrial gas treatment

Basic parameters:
Voltage: 200~240Vac, +/-10%,47~63Hz
Current: When the voltage is 220V and the equipment works under full power, the max current is available in 16A
Microwave power range: 250~1200W (Continuous and adjustable)
Electric power distribution: With power no less than 1.2 KVA
Microwave frequency: 2450MHz±50Hz
Working temperature: -20~50℃
Relative humidity: ≤80%
Preheating time: 0 sec
Outer dimension: 320mm*225mm*200mm

1. Designed with microwave electrodeless UV lamp, which achieves coordinated work of microwave and ultraviolet light, available in efficient treatment of waste gas.
2. The waste gas treatment equipment adopts an integrated design of microwave power, cavity magnetron, microwave waveguide and cooling fan, reducing space and process for equipment mounting.
3. Our microwave UV equipment for industrial gas treatment has obtained US FCC quality certification system, ensuring high quality.
4. The equipment adopts integrated aluminum microwave waveguide, available in high efficient energy transmission.
5. Power grid of the equipment features adaptability, which can greatly reduce damages of cavity magnetron and save costs for customers.
6. Power of the equipment is adjustable from 250W~1000W, which is able to meet specific needs of customers.

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