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Application Case

Nickel Carbonate DryingIn 2008, we designed two sets of 500KW microwave nickel carbonate dryers for a client. The 2 high-power microwave equipment were manufactured through numerous experiments as well as techniques developed through experience. Currently, they are the largest multi-tube microwave drying equipment in Asia.

Taurine DryingIn August of 2008, a food additives manufacturer purchased two sets of 180KW microwave drying equipment from Wavelane. This equipment is used for drying white powdery materials such as taurine. In contrast to traditional drying methods, microwave drying puts an end to the problems including long drying time, non-uniform drying, loss of active substances, etc.

Nickel Hydroxide DryingThe original steam drying method needs 6 hours and a large amount of steam to dry 1ton nickel hydroxide. It consumes 1200kwh electricity and 5 tons water. The equipment occupies 7 big workshops, and operation environment is very poor. During the normal production, the indoor temperature reaches to 40~50℃.

Dielectric Powder DryingWe manufactured a 120KW dielectric powder drying equipment which performed exceptionally well in a client's electronic ceramics factory. The client used to adopt steam heating for drying a fluid material with a high water content into dielectric powder. This method spends at least 20 hours.

Boric Fertilizer DryingBased on the properties of boric fertilizer, Wavelane specially designed a 50KW boric fertilizer drying equipment for a client in 2007. The materials that needs drying is a high-viscosity fluid materials, so the traditional drying method is ineffective and couldn't ensure uniform drying. Since the utilization of our microwave chemical material dryer, all the aforesaid problems have been settled with effect.

Humic Acid DryingUpon the request from a humic acid products producer, Wavelane designed a 200KW continuous conveyor oven used for humic acid drying. The drying method the client used to utilize, has some drawbacks, i.e. long drying time, heavy materials loss, and high drying cost.

Shrimp DryingIn 2006, Wavelane developed a microwave shrimp dryer which now has been adopted by more than 20 seafood companies. In stark contrast to conventional baking equipment, the microwave shrimp drying equipment is environmental and sanitary without any open fire, fumes, or dust. Far more than that, the microwave dried shrimps have shiny skins, and are all kept in original taste and flavor. They will be extremely fresh, tender, and delicious.