WaveLane Co.,Ltd.
R&D Center Address: 5th floor Block B, Ziguang Information Harbor, Langshan Road, High-Tech Park, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, 518057, China
Factory Address: WaveLane building, Liyu Industrial Zone, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China
Contact Person: Vikas

Company Profile

Wavelane Co., Ltd., with the registered capital of 11,000,000RMB, is a trusted, new high-tech manufacturer specialized in the development, fabrication, and sales of microwave equipment. Typical products incorporate continuous conveyor oven, batch oven, microwave liquid heater, heat pump dryer, among others. With a technical team composed of many experts who own years of experience in microwave energy research, it has obtained numerous patents for inventions and utility models. Our company is headquartered within the Zhuzhou city of Hunan province, China. The factory coverage is 85,855m2. Now, we have at least 100 employees, and our sales office has been set up in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Thus far in China, our company has been a professional manufacturer who are not only dedicated to the design and manufacturing of industrial microwave equipment, but also committed to the technology research for large scale, high-power microwave energy application.

Wavelane drying equipment has a widespread use in many areas, e.g. metallurgy, chemicals, ceramics, refractory materials, food, rubber, waste treatment, etc. It is ideally suited to the ceramic sintering, catalytic reaction, sterilization, drying, defrosting, snack food puffing, extraction of active ingredients, and many other applications.

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Capability for Technology Research and Innovation
In the mainland of China, Wavelane is the first one to use switched-mode power supply to replace transformer, realizing the real-time dynamic adjustment of equipment power. All equipment are fully digital, and automatically PLC controlled. The man-machine interaction is realized via touch screen.

Wavelane Intelligent Digital Solution Characteristic analysis and microwave experiment are carried out for thousands of materials, for instance, food, medicine, chemical products, wood, mines, etc.

40% of the employees are research personnel. In our company, there are automation control design department, material technology experiment department, microwave cavity research department, etc.

Why us
Wavelane enjoys four unique advantages

1. Nearly 2000 sets of equipment are successfully put into use, which lets us to accumulate a large amount of microwave processing technologies and engineering experience.
2. Full-digital architecture makes processing procedure precisely controlled.
3. With the advanced microwave energy driven module, the equipment is adapt to power grids worldwide.
4. Our equipment is designed with impeccable self-protection function.

Due to the above core technologies, Wavelane has become a technical guider in Chinese industrial microwave equipment industry. It owns a high market share.