WaveLane Co.,Ltd.
R&D Center Address: 5th floor Block B, Ziguang Information Harbor, Langshan Road, High-Tech Park, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, 518057, China
Factory Address: WaveLane building, Liyu Industrial Zone, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, China
Contact Person: Vikas

Company Tour


  • Office
  • Exterior of Office Building
  • Research and Development

Production Equipment

  • Warehouse for Raw Materials
  • CNC Shearing Machine: Used to
    cut metal plate to be with eligible
    size, convenient for subsequent
  • Workers are operating CNC
    punching machine to process
    ≤3mm thick metal plate.

  • Workers are using CNC bending
    machine to process metal plate
    according to the design drawing.
  • Housings and metal plate
    parts are produced in the
    metal plate workshop.
  • Metal Plate Worshop

  • Parts are displayed in the area,
    waiting for assembly.

  • In the assembly workshop for
    continuous conveyor oven,
    installation and debugging of all
    the parts and electromechanical
    equipment are completed here.
  • Assembly and Debugging of
    sintering furnace

  • Installation and Testing for
    Electrical Devices Used to
    Microwave High Temperature
  • Working Platform
  • Area for Semi-products
    Placement: Semi-products are
    mainly internal electrical parts
    that have been assembled.
    They are placed here for
    housing installation and final
  • Assembly Test for Continuous
    Conveyor Oven

Inspection Equipment

  • Electrical Laboratory 2
  • Electrical Laboratory 3
  • Experiment Equipment
  • Electrical Laboratory 1
  • Experimental Prototype 1
  • Experimental Prototype 2
  • Experimental Prototype 3

Shipping Process

  • Shipment Packing
  • Customer Inspection
  • Preparation before Delivery 1
  • Preparation before Delivery 2
  • Preparation before Delivery 3
  • Shipment in Winter
  • Shipment in Summer 1
  • Shipment in Summer 2
  • Shipment At Night 1
  • Shipment On Rainy Days
  • Tunnel Oven Delivery 1
  • Tunnel Oven Delivery 2
  • Cabinet Furnace Delivery 1
  • Cabinet Furnace Delivery 2
  • Vacuum Oven Delivery 1
  • Vacuum Oven Delivery 2
  • Client Site 1
  • Client Site 2