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Dielectric Powder Drying

Dielectric Powder Drying Equipment

We manufactured a 120KW dielectric powder drying equipment which performed exceptionally well in a client's electronic ceramics factory. The client used to adopt steam heating for drying a fluid material with a high water content into dielectric powder. This method spends at least 20 hours.

However, our microwave dryer only needs one twentieth to complete the whole drying process, as compared to the above drying method. It is especially designed to adapt to the fluid material. In its materials inlet, a fluid distribution mechanism is configured to prevent the material backflow. A compression roller is installed to the front part of conveyor belt. To avoid that dried materials may be block-shaped, we have designed a spiral crushing mechanism to the materials outlet of microwave drying equipment. In addition, the whole equipment is PLC automatically controlled, greatly lowering the labor intensity and drying cost. It runs run faultlessly, for which it gets high evaluation from the client.