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Product Features

Through the long-term research and experiments on microwave processing technology and core electrical components, Wavelane has launched the industrial microwave equipment of fully digitalization. Compared to other drying or heating methods such as oil, coal, and gas, the microwave drying system can substantially save energy and generate zero pollution. It has become the inexorable trend that microwave processing technology will replace other technologies, especially in mining industry and waste water treatment industry.

1. Fast Heating Speed

Different from conventional heating methods, the microwave heating makes the materials that need heating generate heat. It applies the internal heating method with no need for heat conduction. The concurrent heating of materials inside and outside, contributes to the achievement of desired heating effect within a short time.

2. Uniform Heating
Traditional heating method easily makes food scorched outside and underdone inside. When using microwave heating, microwave energy can uniformly penetrates each part of materials to generate heat.

3. Energy Efficient
During the microwave heating process, the microwave energy is absorbed only by the heated materials to generate heat. The air in the heating room and containers won't generate heat. As a result, not only the high heating efficiency is guaranteed, but also the production environment is apparently improved.

4. Easy to Control
The microwave heating has tiny thermal inertia. All Wavelane microwave dryers are automatically PLC controlled, which is beneficial for the automation control of heating technology.

5. Low-temperature Sterilization and No pollution
Microwave drying system will never pollute food. Thermal effect and non-thermal effect of microwave energy can kill bacteria in a relatively low temperature. Our microwave dryer can maximally keep the nutrition ingredients of food.

6. Selective Heating
Microwave energy functions differently on different materials, which is good for the drying operations. The parts that contains high water content absorbs more microwave energy than those parts with lower water content, thereby ensuring uniform drying and heating.

7. Safe and Harmless
During the microwave drying process, no waste will be produced. So does the radioactive residue. Microwave leakage of our microwave drying equipment is kept greatly lower the national safety standard.