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Food Industry

Microwave Dryers for Food Industry

Microwave Food Drying and Sterilization Equipment

Ⅰ. Performance
1. Speed Microwave Drying
a. Use microwave energy to dry vegetables to be with moisture content lower than 20%. Microwave dried vegetables have the freshness just next to that of freeze-dried food. Microwave drying time is shorten than the freeze drying time.
b. Microwave drying is also suitable for fried food. This method allows you to use a small amount of oil to make delicious lower-oil food.
c. Hot air needs 5 to 8 hours to dry dough. Microwave drying only requires 1 to 2 hours to decrease the dough moisture content down to 20%.
d. Microwave drying also minimizes the bacterial contamination. Hot air and microwave energy can be used in combination for achieving better garlic drying effect. Firstly, use hot air to decrease the garlic water content down to 10%. Then, use microwave drying method to lower the water content down to 5%. And the total bacteria amount will be deceased by 90%. In total, 40% energy will be saved.

2. Drying with Microwave Energy and Hot Air
Vegetables and fruits such as tomato, grape, potato chips, carrots, etc., if dried with microwave energy and hot air, come with better quality, good reconstitution properties, and minimum degree of shrinkage.

3. Microwave Puffing
Add some water to the powder material such as potato, grain, beans, or others. Then, add a moderate amount of food additives for product shaping. Pre-dry the shaped product which will be later dried by microwave energy. Soft, convenient food will be obtained after the microwave drying.

4. Microwave Meat Drying and Heating
Microwave energy can be used for the processing meat, seafood, and poultry. On average, about 60% energy will be saved.

5. Joint Baking with Microwave Energy and Infrared Wave
You can use microwave energy and infrared wave in combination, for the purpose of processing chicken, duck, pig, etc., with scorched outside but tender inside.

6. Microwave Sterilization and Fresh-keeping
Microwave energy is suitable for the fresh-keeping and sterilization of moon cake, soybean flour, chicken powder, sweet potato, etc.

Ⅱ. Specific Application
1. Microwave Flour Drying and Sterilization Equipment

a. Features: It features short drying time and low energy consumption.
b. Application: Drying, puffing, and sterilization of fried-free instant noodle, instant stewed noodles, fine dried noodles, etc.

2. Microwave Red Date Drying and Sterilization Equipment
a. Features: It is specially manufactured to dry large red dates. It applies electromagnetism to distribute materials horizontally, uniformly. PP chain plate with flange side is used to prevent the red dates from being fallen down. It automatically flips during the microwave drying process. Microwave dried fruits are made more bright in color, more fragrant in flavor.
b. Application: Ideal for the drying, sterilization, and disinfestation of all kinds of jujube products.

3. Protein Powder Drying and Sterilization Equipment
a. Features: It causes pollution neither to environment nor to materials. It has a perfect dust treatment device, avoiding the dust pollution and improving the working environment.
b. Application: Protein powder, starch, etc.

4. Microwave Dryer for the Drying and Sterilization of Dehydrated Vegetables
a. Features: It has a special dehumidifier for speed moisture removal, improving the drying efficiency. The ultraviolet cold sterilization technology is applied.
b. Application: In addition to dehydrated vegetables, it is also applicable for spices, sauce, seasoning, food additives, etc.

5. Microwave Meat Drying and Sterilization Equipment
a. Features: It is especially designed according to the meat characteristics.
b. Application: Adapted to the drying and sterilization of beef jerky, dried pork, chicken, duck, fish, etc.

6. Microwave Insects Drying and Sterilization Machine
a. Features: It is developed based on the traditional processing technology. It provides an effective drying solution to the insects with high oil content and hard shell. The microwave dryer has a special oil removal device.
b. Application: Tenebrio molitor, scorpion, silkworm cocoon, etc.

7. Microwave Flower Drying and Sterilization Equipment
a. It is custom-made according to the flower characteristics, i.e. high moisture content, being easily damaged, and easy color changing.
b. Drying and sterilization are integrated controlled, optimizing the processing technology.
c. Temperature and humidity are coordinated controlled to guarantee the flower color and quality.
d. Short processing period, fast shaping
e. Application: applied to the drying and sterilization of honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, rose, peony, etc.

8. Bean Products Drying and Sterilization Equipment
a. This microwave dryer is specially made to adapt to the various bean products characterized by high protein content and high moisture content.
b. It automatically starts or stops to realize the synchronous start-stop between materials conveying and microwave energy.
c. Application
Beans: Soybean, black soya bean, pea, mung bean, and so on.
Processed bean products: protein powder, wire drawing protein, bean curd, soybean paste, bean powder, etc.

9. Bottled Food Sterilizer
a. The bottled food sterilizer is tailor-made to offer an effective drying solution, which won't cause the bottle expansion.
b. Added with the ultraviolet cold sterilization technology, it sterilizes thoroughly with no residue.
c. Application: Suited to the sterilization of bottled food, e.g. jelly, fruit can, dairy product, beverage, vegetable can, mushroom sauce, cooking wine, etc.

10. Spiral Seaweed Drying and Sterilization Equipment
a. It is customized based on the spiral seaweed features such as fine granularity, light weight, etc.
b. Enclosed spiral conveying method is used for continuously loading or unloading materials. No dust pollution will be caused.
c. Thorough sterilization without affecting the original flavor and taste.
d. Application: Suitable for the drying and sterilization of spirulina protein powder, spirulina powder, spirulina tablet. etc.

Microwave Equipment for Food Dehydration and Sterilization