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High-temperature Sintering Industry

Microwave Dryers for High-temperature Sintering Industry

Special Equipment for High-temperature Materials Drying
Conventional thermal drying usually leads to high indoor temperature. Differently, our drying equipment such as batch oven has no heat loss, since its microwave energy directly functions on the materials. Under the function of microwave energy, the temperature will be directly heated to 1600℃. Our batch oven doesn't have thermal inertia. It is easy, flexible in operation. Both microwave power and microwave transmission speed are adjustable.

Applicable Field
Ceramics, refractory materials, high temperature sintering, rubber pyrolysis, mineral smelting, or other fields.

Applicable Materials
Olivine, silica, talc, tantalum ore, calcined gypsum, electrolytic manganese dioxide, fluor, kieselguhr, active floridin, ceramic fiber board, plasterboard, rock wool board, high-phosphorus iron ore, kaolin, glass magnesium board, artificial marble slab, insulating brick, carburant, zirconia brick, clay brick, magnesia carbon brick, alumina brick, etc.

Specific Applications
1. Vertical Microwave Furnace

a. Features: The vertical microwave furnace is user-friendly and energy-efficient. In contrast to conventional furnaces, it greatly shortens the process period, and saves more than 40% energy. It is the safe, sanitary, reasonably priced equipment featured by high degree of automation, easy maintenance, etc. The maximum sintering temperature is 1600℃.
b. Applicable Range: Suitable for the drying, roasting, synthesis, sintering, and thermal treatment of all kinds of materials. Examples are alumina powder sintering, coal gangue refining, drying and sintering of minerals, carbothermic reduction of metal oxidized ore, metallic oxide sintering, carbide sintering, and nitrides sintering, chemical materials drying, catalyst activation, etc.

2. Microwave Sintering Furnace
a. Features: It comes with large output. Its microwave power and length can be designed based on clients' actual requirements. This microwave sintering furnace realizes the precise control by applying the high precision infrared or thermocouple thermometer, humidity measuring instrument, micromanometer, oxygen partial pressure measuring instrument, etc. Various gas including air, oxygen, nitrogen, inert gas, and mixed gas can be filled to the equipment in a controlled way.
b. Application: It is widely suited to the drying, curing, thermal decomposition, roasting, synthesis, sintering of all kinds of materials, e.g. minerals, metal oxidized ore, metal sulfide ore, ceramics, battery materials, etc.

3. Microwave Ceramics Drier
a. Features: It is automatically controlled to heat the ceramic with good quality. It won't produce any pollution or waste.
b. Applicable Materials: Domestic ceramics, art ceramics, and industrial ceramics.

4. Perlite Insulation Board Drier
a. Applicable Fields: Refractory material industry, building industry
b. Applicable Materials: Perlite insulation board, ceramic fiber board, plasterboard, rock wool board, glass magnesium board, ceramic green body, artificial marble slab, heat insulation block, film faced plywood, high-density fiberboard, etc.