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Industrial Applications

During the past ten years in the mainland of China, Wavelane has sold out nearly 2,000 sets of microwave industrial equipment with the power ranging from 3kw to 600kw. Our clients are widespread in all areas from universities to industrial and mining enterprises. Our microwave dryer is suitable for the drying, heating, and sterilization of food, wood, chemical products, tea, pharmacy, paper products, or other products. Besides that, it can be used for other purposes, ceramics sintering, extraction, to name a few. The equipment could be tunnel type, kiln type, and cabinet type.

Food Industry
Our heating equipment uses microwave energy for the drying, sterilization, baking, deodorization, puffing, and fresh-retaining treatment in food industry. It has been put in the production of rice noodles, oatmeal, soybean milk powder, instant noodles, health protection tea, pastry, beef jerky, potato chip, boiled salted duck, dried fillet, peanuts, soybean, etc. Each year, many Wavelane microwave equipment are used in food industry.

Pharmacy Industry
Microwave technology can be used to dry and sterilize powdery, particle, flake, ball, or liquid type medical products. It is suited to the speed drying, sterilization, and microwave-assisted extraction of Chinese medicinal herbs.

Wood Industry
The microwave dryer only needs no more than 20 minutes to uniformly, speedily dry 1 to 6 centimeters thick wood plate. It won't caused wood cracking or deformation. Warm eggs and larva in the wood plate will be thoroughly killed. Moreover, the microwave drying equipment is ideal for the curing treatment of plywood or adhesive jointed board. In a word, it is suited to the drying and sterilization of wood products.

Rubber Industry
One set of Japanese 2450MHz, 5~10KW microwave heating equipment vulcanizes 3 to 4 tons tyre per time. German 915MHz, 50KW horn antenna is used as the radiant heater, and program control is used for the rotationally scanning large tyre. This equipment features uniform heating and short vulcanizing time. The microwave rubber vulcanizing equipment developed by us is equivalent to the above equipment no matter in modeling, structure, or performance.

Coal Mine Industry
In the coal mine industry, microwave energy is used to the desulfuration of iron pyrite, which won't affect coal quality. Ideal method for desulfuration is to use the 0.1s impulse wave for intermittently heating iron pyrite to 650℃. This method needs no expensive catalyst, saving money and allowing for high energy efficiency with less pollution.

Ceramic Industry
Microwave energy allows for the uniform, compact ceramic sintering. The maximum temperature is up to 1800℃. Our microwave ceramic sintering furnace can produce fine ceramics of large size.

Chemical Industry
Microwave drying system has a wide range of applications in chemical industry, for instance, microwave decomposition, extraction, hydrolization, catalytic reaction, etc.