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Nickel Carbonate Drying

Microwave Nickel Carbonate Dryer

In 2008, we designed two sets of 500KW microwave nickel carbonate dryers for a client. The 2 high-power microwave equipment were manufactured through numerous experiments as well as techniques developed through experience. Currently, they are the largest multi-tube microwave drying equipment in Asia.

The equipment design contributes to the technical maturity in the field of nonferrous metal powder. The microwave nickel carbonate dryer is specially designed according to the drying characteristics of materials.
a. A mechanism is set to the equipment feed inlet, for the purpose of uniform materials distributing.
b. For the uniform materials drying, the heat cabinet has a material crushing mechanism of special structure.
c. Materials outlet is sealed for convenient dust collection, preventing the dusting from spreading into the air.
d. Under the conveyor belt, a cleaning mechanism and a duct collection box are designed.
e. To avoid the materials waste, a set of dust collection device is installed to the moisture removal system.

Anyway, the equipment is safe, environmental, and highly automated.