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Nickel Hydroxide Drying
Special Feeding Mechanism of
Microwave Nickel Carbonate Dryer
Special Feeding Mechanism of
Microwave Nickel Carbonate Dryer

Microwave Nickel Hydroxide Dryer

The microwave nickel hydroxide dryer we designed for a client from chemical industry, occupies a small space and has greatly lowered down the production cost for the client. It seldom causes any pollution to the environment.

The original steam drying method needs 6 hours and a large amount of steam to dry 1ton nickel hydroxide. It consumes 1200kwh electricity and 5 tons water. The equipment occupies 7 big workshops, and operation environment is very poor. During the normal production, the indoor temperature reaches to 40~50℃.

Distinctively, Wavelane microwave equipment only consumes 280kw electricity to dry 1 ton nickel hydroxide. As circulating water is used for cooling, no water waste will be led to. The equipment with less occupation is automatically controlled, which results in the labor intensity reduction while ensuring good production environment. This item has been declared as the Chinese new type energy-saving and environmental equipment.