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Pharmaceutical Industry

Microwave Drying Systems for Chemical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, the microwave drying system is ideally suited to the processing of pills, capsules, and tablets.

Specific Application and Features
1. Microwave Extract Drying Equipment

a. Features: This microwave dryer is made according to the extract features including high water content and low drying temperature. Driven type vertical rotation permits large area materials distribution. The hanging type tray is made of PTFE. Automatically controlled vacuum degree of this dryer is ≤ -0.09Mpa.
b. Application: Ideal for pills, powdery medicine, tablets, etc., especially those extracts.

2. Microwave Pills Dryer
a. Features: The microwave pills dryer is specially designed for multi-batch, continuously processing pills. It synchronically implements drying and sterilization. A special U shaped conveyor belt is utilized to prevent the dropping of materials. During the drying process, the microwave drying equipment will automatically reverse the materials.
b. Application: Water-bindered pill, water-honeyed pill, condensed pill, liuwei dihuang pill, etc.

3. Microwave Powdery Medicine Dryer
a. Features: It is designed for the multi-batch, continuously processing of powdery medicines. It has a special U shaped conveyor belt for avoiding the materials' dropping. In addition, a device is added to automatically reverse the materials during the drying process.
b. Application: Used to dry and sterilize the all sorts of medical materials, especially Chinese herbal medicine.

4. Microwave Dryer for Chinese Herbal Medicine
a. Features: This microwave dryer keeps the original color and effective constituents
of Chinese herbal medicine. Microwave electromagnetic field is beneficial for the fragrance enhancement.

Microwave Pharmaceutical Dryer