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Shrimp Drying

Microwave Shrimp Dryer

In 2006, Wavelane developed a microwave shrimp dryer which now has been adopted by more than 20 seafood companies. In stark contrast to conventional baking equipment, the microwave shrimp drying equipment is environmental and sanitary without any open fire, fumes, or dust. Far more than that, the microwave dried shrimps have shiny skins, and are all kept in original taste and flavor. They will be extremely fresh, tender, and delicious.

The microwave shrimp dryer is specifically designed according to the features of white-leg shrimps. It combines the methods including microwave energy, light wave, and infrared energy. Users can adjust the drying speed according to different shrimp tastes. The shrimps can be dried to be with white shell and tender meat, white shell and hard meat, red shell and hard meat, or even with red shell and tender meat. Microwave dried shrimps of diversified flavors have been enjoyed by the majority of consumers.

Wavelane microwave dryer for shrimps incorporates two kinds as high-temperature speed drying equipment and low-temperature drying equipment. Different drying equipment and baking processes are applied to satisfy different baking requirements. Microwave low-temperature drying technology is ideal for seafood, e.g. little yellow croaker, little fish, marine fish slices, prawn, etc. It can maximally retain the nutritional ingredients and flavors of shrimps. Wavelane low-temperature drying equipment dries shrimps from inside to outside, reducing the possibility of shrinkage. Consequently, the microwave dried shrimps are 20% bigger than those dried by conventional methods.