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Wavelane Intelligent Digital Solution

Ⅰ. Wavelane Intelligent Digital Solution

1. A mini type high-performance PLC with the functions including data processing, analog input, and network communication
2. Inverter, temperature sensor, and other analog input
3. LED touch screen
3.1. The LED touch screen controls the heating power and temperature, allowing for easy use.
3.2. It automatically upload the equipment failures, so we can known and handle the failures directly. Accidental loss will be thereby avoided.
4. Communicator
4.1. RS485 interface supports the data uploading
4.2. One communicator can control 18 pcs power supply.
5. Power module

Ⅱ. Traditional Power Supply Solution

1. High voltage transformer
2. Silicon rectifier stack
3. Capacitor
4. Others: Air fan, oil tank, water circulation system, cable, etc.


1. Low efficiency, high power consumption
2. Weak power grid adaptability: Unable to offer constant power output.
3. Poor capability: Unable to adapt to line frequency in different areas.
4. Oil cooling and air cooling devices are needed to handle the problem such as too much heat generation. The cost is high.
5. At least 8 wires & joints are required, leading to poor reliability and high failure rate.
6. Traditional transformer will be easily burned, in case of dust, too high or too low voltage, high environment temperature, as well as unmatched components. once it was burned, it is extremely difficult to repair.

Ⅲ. Wavelane Unique Digital power solution

1. High voltage transformer
2. Silicon rectifier stack
3. Capacitor
4. Digital Power
5. Advantages:
5.1. Digital Power and Intelligent Control: Microwave output is continuously adjustable between 250W and 1050W.
5.2. Energy efficiency
5.3. Full voltage input range, adapt to global grid
5.4. Low heat generation, thermal design
5.5. Integrated design contributes to high reliability, light weight, and convenient installation. Therefore, the digital power solution is particularly suited to the places that have high requirements toward volume, weight, and reliability.
5.6. Just 2 wires are required to directly connect the power supply with the magnetron. That's why its air channel is neat and clean.
6. Digital power
6.1. WepeX digital power is durable, and can be easily maintained.
6.2. It is compatible with global grid, and withstands voltage variations. An aluminum shell is used to prevent dust.
6.3. First-class after-sale service.
6.4. Digital power improves the anode high voltage, prolonging the service life of magnetron.

Ⅳ. Core Value of Microwave Equipment Digital Parts

Wavelane intelligent digital solution makes the microwave output power controllable and adjustable. It enables the microwave equipment to be used in more industries.